Our Services

We are with you to the End

Bedside-To-Bedside Service

AAS LifeFlight provides Bedside-to-Bedside service for our patients. Bedside-to-Bedside service means that the same medical team is always with the patient for every part of the medical transport. The team picks up the patient from their location and accompanies them in the ground ambulance to the airport. The same crew is on-board the aircraft taking care of the patient during the medical flight. Once they arrive at the new destination the same crew again transports the patient to the new medical facility or their home. We do this so there is continuity of care.

Domestic & International

Air Medical Transport

AAS LifeFlight encompasses a program that is designed for, and capable of, transporting a patient domestically and internationally. We also provide emergency air medical evacuation service. Our Flight Care Coordinator and medical director are extremely experienced in handling all the necessary arrangements of travel. Our medical aircraft are equipped with state of the art avionics allowing us to complete your air transport. We use a fleet of fast and safe King-Air ambulances to transport patients. This allows our flight nurses and flight medics to able to handle any type of patient while at 25,000 feet.

Reliable & Rapid

Medical Ground Transportation

We are equipped with two ambulances that are used to transport patients to and from our location in Nassau, Bahamas. AAS LifeFlight provides modern, fully equipped, fully certified ground ambulances and ambulance crew to transport all our patients between Hospital and Aircraft. With a fleet of air ambulances and ground ambulances we can respond rapidly to your request for repatriation. As one of the best air ambulance providers within the Caribbean our team has around the clock access to a fleet of ground ambulances especially equipped with essential medical equipment and supplies.

Medical Equipment

Advanced Life Support Equipment

Equipment is regularly checked and maintained and there is a comprehensive continuing education program for staff. We have a wide array of available medical equipment to handle some of the most serious tasks. Our Equipment available to our customers throughout the entire escort. Air Ambulance Services Ltd. has a comprehensive quality assurance program by which we continually evaluate our services and maintain the highest quality of care of our patients. The medical director and flight care coordinator review all charts and patient satisfaction surveys are mailed out to patients for their comments.