Frequently Asked Questions

May a family member come with the patient?

aNormally yes. There are however cases where our Medical Director may not approve a family member for a variety of reasons that may impede patient care.

Are your aircraft Pressurized?

aAll of our aircraft are cabin pressurized to maintain a comfortable environment for our patients. Cabin pressure is very important for patients with the DCS (Decompression sickness); “the bends”.

What arrangements does AAS LifeFlight make for the flight?

aAAS LifeFlight makes all arrangements regarding the air ambulance flight. This includes obtaining a pre-flight medical consult or report of the patient condition at their current discharging facility, arranging ground ambulances at both the discharging and receiving ends, ordering in-flight catering, notifying the receiving hospital of the arrival time and confirming bed availability, as well as any special requests of the family.

How far in advance should a flight be scheduled?

aSome patients must fly emergency within hours while others may have advance notice of days or even weeks. It is always best to call us at the earliest opportunity to discuss arranging transport. This allows time to obtain all necessary documents, insurance approval and allows for proper planning.

Which one of your aircraft is right for my loved one or patient?

aThe main difference between our aircraft is length of travel before refueling, speed and runway performance. We will choose the most appropriate aircraft for the mission. Of course flight costs are different between the three types of aircraft as well.

Why is an Air Ambulance provider better than a broker?

aA broker normally does not own aircraft, equipment, or employ medical teams or pilots. They advertise as an air ambulance service and when they receive an inquiry they call multiple providers and then “broker” the flight to the cheapest provider. They then add a profit for themselves included in your quote. The advantage of dealing direct with an Air Ambulance provider like us is that we directly control the quality of our operations.

Will my insurance will cover the charges?

aWe will liaise with your insurance company on your behalf and attempt to obtain benefit overviews whenever necessary. If AAS LifeFlight is able to obtain an authorization from your insurance company we will adjust accordingly.

Does AAS LifeFlight provide international evacuation service?

aYes AAS LifeFlight has extensive experience in international evacuations around the world. We can arrange for our medical team to transport the patient on a long-range aircraft or as a more cost effective solution. AAS LifeFlight has evacuated patients from the United States, etc.

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